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House # 14, Road # 6, Block # K, Baridhara Diplomatic Area, Dhaka 1212



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Welcome to the realm of ASCOTT Palace Hotel. It’s a brand new four-star hotel dawned with the pledge to raise perception of hospitality at a new plateau. The minute you step into our nostalgic entrance, the grandeur of ASCOTT Palace captivates your eye. The courteous smiles and warm greetings 

along the doorsteps create an aura of regal reception upon your visit.

Location Advantage

ASCOTT Palace is located in Baridhara – only diplomatic zone of the city. On west of ASCOTT Palace is the pristine park along Gulshan Lake. One lane away from the hotel is a lush green central park of Baridhara, most ideal for evening walk. For shopping enthusiasts, Jamuna Future Park is few minutes’ drive from the hotel. The mall contains all the local and international brands under one roof and countless modern recreational facilities. Lastly, the Shah-Jalal Int. Airport is 15 minutes ride from the hotel. All these reasons made Baridhara, the most coveted location for foreigners.

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