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House-10/B/2, Road-54/B, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212



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Surround Yourself

At THE WAY Dhaka, there are well designed spaces to relax or celebrate.

Offering exceptional value for experienced business travellers amongst the unbranded and inconsistent around us. The exceptional interiors are a perfect blend of elegance and contemporary styling that is welcoming and comfortable.

Enjoy panoramic views from both the popular Top Of The Way restaurant and the scenic poolside roof top of Aqua Deck. When you stay at THE WAY Dhaka you will experience quality, comfort and outstanding hospitality in one of the safest locations in the city.

Indulge Yourself

Be it the ‘Top Of The Way’ our sky-top glass restaurant, the comfort of our beautifully designed rooms, relaxing while the sun sets at the Aqua Deck or enjoying outstanding panoramic views from the roof top of our duo-infinity pool, one is certain to find a spot to enjoy one’s stay at THE WAY Dhaka.

No one gets a second chance to make a first impression! And we believe in making a lasting one. We pride ourself in providing a consistently high level of customer service in a modern and elegant environment, where couture lifestyle meets interesting and intelligent style.

Our key differentiators; listening to our customers, delivering a positive attitude, satisfaction guaranteed

Epicurean Delight

A culinary delight is to indulge in a connoisseur’s journey with our internationally acclaimed Chef d' Cusine, Gerard Wallace. Chef Wallace brings a wealth of experience, having at one time prepared an entire course for none other than the Queen of England!

You can enjoy the taste of international cuisine with a difference while enjoying panoramic views of the city from our popular Top Of The Way restaurant or simply relax and dine by the pool side at our Aqua Deck. You can also savour an exciting selection of cakes, chocolates or Danish bakes from our Converse and Courtyard café’s.

Exotic fancies come alive! Savor the taste of these tasty culinary delights and take time to enjoy good discussion while tantalising your taste buds!

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