Imitation gold silver printing Ink Rubber Paste Golden Paste
Cowint owned has the first-class inspection and analysis instruments to ensure that the product development and manufacturing quality of steady锛孉t the same time our company has won wide recognition and good reputation of the user.
Feel fleshy, good fastness, printing plate.
Product Introduction
It is characterized by good printing operability, soft hand feeling, excellent washing resistance, good tensile strength, good resilience, smooth hand feeling, high gloss, strong metallic feeling and good oxidation resistance.
Product specification
Product application
Feature Imitation golden paper bronzing Application suitable for cotton fabric, T/C fabric, knitted fabric of manual printing.Methods 1. 80-100 mesh screen print. Printing clear for base( twice).Printing imitated stamping silver foil ink for coverage(1-2 times) then natural dried.The results will be better after 130掳C press for 10-15 seconds.Attention If you want to base,choosing the match based paste,to avoid layering.The natural drying time and temperature related to the air humidity. Storage:It can be storaged for more than 1 year, warehouse in a cool, dry and ventilated.The inside bag should be solid after use it, in case of exposed to the air causing crust.
Product certificates
鈼?Intertek (Intertek), one of the world's largest consumer products testing, inspection and certification companies, is renowned for its recognized expertise, quality and integrity.
鈼?With a global service network in more than 100 countries, Intertek has become a trusted partner with customers around the world by providing the highest standards of fair, accurate, high-quality services and innovative solutions.
鈼?It has more than 1,000 offices and laboratories in 100 countries, with more than 26,000 full-time professionals dedicated to serving global customers, providing comprehensive testing, inspection, certification and other related services of various products to customers in various industries.
鈼?Intertek, listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol ITRK.L in May 2002, is one of the FTSE companies in the support services sector.
鈼?Intertek's CHIEF Executive Officer is Dr. Wolfhart Hauser.
In 2017, we participated in the exhibition in Bangladesh. On the day of the exhibition, many customers came to our booth, and they were very satisfied with our company's products, because our company provides a wide range of products with first-class quality.At present, our company has certificates such as ZDHC,SGS,INTERTEK and GOTS, which meet the needs of customers very much.
In 2018, we participated in the exhibition in Europe, we learned that they have certain requirements for certificates, which our company attaches great importance to, because certificates can reflect the strength of our company.
After sales service
1. We keep 24hours online service.
2. We can based on your requirements, customized the products for you.
3. We provide the professional technical support and help, response within 1 hour after receiving customers complaint, no matter you choose products problems or products quality, our technician all will help you solve them.
4. We provide the samples for testing by free.
1. Please adjust the paste to proper printing consistency. If it is too thin, you can adjust it with PTF thickener and ensure even stirring.
2. During the printing process, the paste must maintain proper consistency to show clear patterns,
3. If you need to add transparent pulp or other slurries to show different effects, please try the sample first, and then buy large products.
4. Can use machinery and manual printing.
5. The finished product can be dried naturally or dried.Special Printing Ink/paste manufacturers

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