Wuhan Gao Sheng Wei Ye Technology Co. Ltd. is fully dedicated to researching and developing automatic cash operated drink machine, wechat coffee machine, bean to cup machine, protein shake vending machine and related products. We have 10 years OEM experience in this field. Our products are widely applied in school, airport, railway station, shopping mall, hotel, office,etc.
We are a company that is fully dedicated to automatic coffee drink machines, coin operated machines, coin operated coffee drink machines and other drink machines, and also engaged in related products research of development, production of professional enterprise. The company adhere to the business philosophy of" business innovation, customers service, rapidly improvement, sustainable management" since the establishment, it upholds and widely promotes the high quality product and good service, and to promote market together with customers, it has been recognized by more and more partners and consumers.
The factory adopts the system of mordern enterprise management and the strict quality management . We guarantee the whole way inspection of production as well as the quality. Now there are four sort series of coffee drink machines with more than ten types in our company. Intellectualization, automation, hommization and eco fashion combined into one product. Thus, it ensures the stability and longevity of the machine. At the same time, some outstanding advantages such as low power, low noise, easy to clean, auto dropping cup test are embodied in our products. Involving Identification system for Currency, Brush calorie consumption system, Semiconductor electronic chip cooling system, The compressor refrigeration system, multimedia playing system, Exhaust And damp proof Function, Automatic voice hint function, Infrared sensor system, The high speed mixing system, Diagnostic function, Inquiry function, Automatic flushing and cleaning, water temperature control, Uninterrupt supply,etc.we can also do personalized product according to customer's inquiry.
Established in 2006, sales area has been expands unceasingly, sales newwork are over the world. export to including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, East Asia, southeast Asia, Europe, Americas etc, Constantly create value for the customer at the same time the company also got great and long term development.
Our product are applied to Net bar, factory, school, office, scenic spot, business street, etc. for different consumer's inquiry.Automatic Instant Coffee Vending Machine

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