Dark glass bottles can block direct light, because the essence of most cosmetics is sensitive to light, which will affect the quality of the product.
Conventional cosmetic packaging materials are basically plastic and glass. The glass bottles we produce are equipped with the following benefits:
A sense of high quality, the glass bottles we produce give people a more advanced feeling than ordinary glass bottles and plastic bottles.
Heavier weight, more weight in the hand, and feel more material.
more stable. Some oily cosmetics are not suitable for plastic bottles, as the oil will melt the plastic. This problem does not exist with glass bottles.
Dark glass jars with lids for cosmetics can fill some transparent and colorful cosmetics. The display effect is better.

High-grade thickened glass cosmetic jars, with inner liners and screwed lids
Material:Glass Capacity: 30g, 50g (Optional)
30g Size:Approx. 5.5*4.1cm
50g size:Approx. 6.5*4.8cm
Our advantage is the issue that cosmetics manufacturers are more concerned about.
Compared with other counterparts, the glass bottles we produce are more convenient and more thorough.
The easiest way to disinfect packaging materials is to wash with water and then bake and disinfect at high temperature. The glass bottles can be washed and baked without any problems. Our glass materials are very resistant to high temperatures.
Cosmetics, especially whitening and nutritional cosmetics, contain a lot of nutrients like food, but they are easily oxidized. This puts forward very high requirements on the tightness of the packaging, and the strong barrier properties of glass bottles are undoubtedly better than plastic bottles in protecting the contents. In addition, it has high gas barrier properties, which also makes glass bottles a packaging material for perfumes and other products that are volatile and easily lost.Empty Cream Jars price

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