Calclium ammonium nitrate or CAN with nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and effective calcium, is a high-efficiency and enviromental protection fertilizer. Which can be used for the driection by farmers.
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Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer(CAN) is a granular fertilizer, containing 15% Nitrogen( 14.5% Nitrate Nitrogen and 1% Ammonium Nitrogen). the combination Nirogen can makes CAN as universal and excellent Nitrogen fertilizer which supply different stype nitrogen for all plants at different growing step. Calcium ammonium nitrate(CAN) considerabley improve the fertility of the soil and therefore increase the growth and yield of the plants.
Except basic calcium ammonium nitrate, we also can add Boron or Magnesium to meet local customers different demand.
Total Nitrogen (N): 15.5%
Nitrate Nitrogen(N): 14.5%
Ammonium Nitrogen(N): 1%
Calcium Oxide: 25%
Granular Size: 2-4mm
Packing and Delivery
25kg bags
50kg bags
500kg bags
1000kg bags
Our Fertilizer get the support from ISO/SGS/Local Government office
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