Plastic barrel capping machine
Main Features
This machine is an semi automatic track type capping machine. It adopts soft protection method and has a large adjustment range. High degree of automation, automatic hanging cover, cover, gland, synchronous chain plate gland, no trace after gland, suitable for all kinds of heterosexual bottles, bottle type unlimited, large adjustment range, suitable for bottles of different heights.

Main Uses
This machine is used for plastic caps capping.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Output: 4500-6000 bottles/hour
2. Applicable Bottle Height: 100-320mm
3. Machine Power: 0.37kW

Main Structure and Work Principle
This machine mainly includes of frame, capping part, transmission part, up and down adjustment part.
Work Principle: press bottle caps via its own weight. The pressing chain is pitched, bottles slowly go into capping machine when they moves forward on the conveyor line. Because chain is pitched, chain has a pressing force to the bottle caps when bottles slowly go into capping machine,the max pressing force is weight of capping head, to press bottles down via gravity of capping head.

Technical parameter
ModelOutput(b/h)Applicable bottle type bottle diameter
(mm)Bottle mouth diameter(mm)Height
HGY-460000.75900*1100*1720Customized Capping Machine

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