Disposable Doctor Isolation Surgical Gown FDA
1. This product is made of SMS non-woven fabric, anti-static, breathable and waterproof;
2. The cuff adopts spiral cuffs. When wearing by doctors, medical gloves are put on the spiral cuffs to play a role of strict protection, which is comfortable and neat.
3. The strengthening sheet material is drench film cloth, the use of white latex self-spray technology will strengthen the sheet adhesive real operating dress chest and double sleeve, white latex curing fast, high bonding strength, bonding layer has a good toughness and durability, not easy to aging.
Material卤45g SMS/SMMS Non-woven Fabric
ColorBlue,Green,Pink,White,or as your resquest
SizeS,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,or as your resquest
UseMainly use at Medical ,Beauty centre,SPA, housework,Operation Room,etc.
Closure StyleAdjustable Hook-and -loop Neckline Closure
CuttKnit Cutt or Elastic Cutt
ASleeveSet-in ot Ragian Sleeves
FeatureWaterproof,Dustproof,Convenient,Breathable,Anti StaticSurgical Doctor Gown supplier in China

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