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Suzhou National Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. is registered in Suzhou Industrial Park with a registered capital of 20 million Yuan. It is certified by ISO9001 and our filters meet CE requirements. Adhering to the tenet of "intelligent manufacturing innovation, excellent quality and service first", the company focuses on the design, R & D, production and sales of air purification equipment / the design, construction and maintenance of clean room engineering. The company has become the leader in the domestic air purification industry, with its own brand, trademark, a number of authoritative certification and national patents. At the same time, after years of dedicated research and development by the founder team, the company now own has a self-developed and manufactured intelligent automatic production line, a product silencing test room, and a set of intelligent wind tunnel testing platform jointly developed and manufactured by Suzhou University.
At present, our customers are from all over the world. Part of our super clean equipment and products are exported to Japan, South Korea, EU and Southeast Asian countries. The industrial customer base mainly includes chip semiconductor, food and drug, medical treatment, operating room, military industry, chemical industry, scientific research institute, University Laboratory, etc. The civil and commercial customer base covers families, schools, hotels, banks, enterprises and institutions and various public places. The company's main customers are large state-owned enterprises, private enterprises listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, European and American enterprises, and Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises, many of them are among the top 500 enterprises in the world.

Core Competitiveness:
1.Product quality is stable and cost-effective.
2.The production and testing equipment is complete setup and the most advanced in the industry.
3.Own self-developed automatic production line of high efficiency filter.
4.Continuously invest in R & D, innovation and sublimation, with a number of patents and inventions.

1.General Manager: Mr. Zhu, a Singaporean Chinese, graduated from Tsinghua University and one of the founders ofTianFuCommunication, a Suzhou listed company.
2.The group has a technology, management and R & D team with Taiwan director as the core.
3.The group with Department of physics and Optoelectronics,Department of energy of Suzhou University jointly buildsa teaching practice base.
4.The group has a construction and maintenance team with mechanical and electrical installation qualification and years of clean room installation experience.
5.The group has many subsidiaries or offices all over the country.

Main Production Lines and Testing Equipment:
1.High efficiency filter production line with separator: 1line.
2.High efficiency filter production line without separator: 3lines (including 1 full-automatic line).
3.Household, commercial PP, melt blown filter production line: 1line.
4.FFU production line: 2lines.
5.Middle and Primary efficiency production workshop: 1.
Air supply box production workshop: 1.
6.Testingequipment: filter paper thickness, weight, tension, stiffness, water resistance, resistance and other testing instruments, smoke testing equipment, particle counter, ATI laser testing equipment, anechoic testing room, wind tunnel laboratory, etc.
Product Advantages:

Seamless one-time forming without separator filter
Seamless one-time forming is a patent independently developed by our company. The invention has simple structure and convenient processing. Automatic processing and production help shorter turnover of multiple processes, save time and labor and improve the production efficiency. In addition, the automatic production line puts the filter element directly into the reclosing frame after the plate U-shaped groove material is coated with glue, so that the effective filtering area of the filter element core material becomes larger increasing the efficiency of the product usage.
1.Stable quality: use self-developed high-efficiency filter automatic production line to manufacture, high degree ofautomation and standardization, reduce human steps. Product quality becomes more stable.
2. High efficiency: save the turnover of multiple processes, save time and labor, improve production efficiency.
3. High sealing performance: seamless frame and automatic glue filling technology is adopted, so that the whole filter has only one splicing angle, and PU glue filling is more uniform, without leakage of glue. The sealing performance of filter paper and frame is higher than that of traditional technology.
4. High folding filter can be produced: the folding height of filter paper can be 25% higher than that of normal folding, the dust capacity can be increased by 25%, the resistance can be reduced by 25%, and the service life of filter can be increased by 25%
5. Energy saving and environmental protection: greatly reduce the material loss of aluminum profile and PU glue, reduce the power consumption, powder and noise caused by cutting aluminum profile, and convert the cost savings into more benefits and give back to customers.
Medical gel seal air supply box (dry and wet double seal type)
The medical gel seal air supply box is one of the invention patents specially developed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the latest GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry. It is the best way to completely solve the air leakage in the world at present. 100% ensure that the joint of the air supply box and the filter will not produce any leakage, and the leakage rate of the dust particles is "0". At the same time, we also use this method to design a professional medical laminar flow hood, I - IV operating room ceiling.
1.No welding: adopt stainless steel insert connection and polyurethane AB glue sealing process. Completely eliminate the burr, sand hole and deformation caused by welding, so that the box body is stronger and more beautiful than welding.
2.Paint free: the box material is anodized with aluminum alloy, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion.
3.Glass adhesivefree: Polyurethane AB adhesive is used to close all gaps. The performance of AB adhesive is far beyond the adhesion and strength of traditional aging glass adhesive. After years of use, the adhesion and strength of the box are still the same, and it will not age.
4.Corrosion resistance: anodized aluminum alloy profiles are more corrosion-resistant and more suitable for long-term work in weak acid environment.
5.Collision is not afraid of deformation: 2.1-6.0mmt thick wall aluminum alloy profile is stronger than the traditional iron sheet air supply box and is not afraid of collision deformation. (The thickness of the traditional iron sheet air supply box is generally less than 1.2mmt, and it is easy to be deformed and scrapped if it is slightly impacted by external force.)
6.Unique sealing technology: using the most advanced dry and wet double sealing technology in the world at present, using EVA sealing strip and liquid glue of "jelly glue". The joint of the filter and the box can be completely closed.
7.Exquisite cutting technology: using the special cutting machine imported from Germany, the cutting angle and precision are far beyond the domestic equipment. The 45 degree butt joint is perfect, and the joints are straight without bending deformation.
8.Unique manufacturing process of inspection port: the DOP / PAO connection is also sealed with polyurethane AB adhesive on both sides, making the smoke or inspection pipe more solid. Considering that the leakage caused by loosening the pipe cap before the test will bring errors to the test data, we have installed rubber plugs with corrosion resistance and ozone resistance at the pipe orifice.
Our Product
Ultra-low penetration air filter锛圲LPA锛? high efficiency particulate air filter锛圚EPA锛? sub-high efficiency particulate air filter锛圡ini-Pleat Filter锛? medium filter锛圫ynthetic Pocket Filter / Bag Filter锛? pre filter, FFU, activated carbon&PM2.5 filter,HEPA air supply box, HT HEPA filter, V-bank filter, Separator HEPA filter.
Air filters for home and commercial.PM2.5 filter for central air-conditioning, floor standing cabinet, ceiling mounted machine, Split system air-conditioner, fresh air system and car air conditioning system.

Product Application
Large pharmaceutical, food, medical equipment, hospital & operating room, semiconductor, electronics, scientific research institute, military industry, etc.
Roomside Replaceable HEPA Box

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