Product name: child protective face mask
Model: HHFM-M016
Style: Lugs
Colour: blue
Materia: Non-woven
Function: Anti-fog and anti-dust
Use crowd: Children
Scope of application: Children's daily protection
Protection level: GB/T 32610-2016
Shelf life: 3 years
Model specifications: 14.5*8.5cm
MOQ: 2000 pcs
Packing specification: 5 pcs/bag
Are there uniform standards for school-age children to wear masks?
The press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council recently introduced the situation of the reopening of classes in low-risk areas. Wang Dengfeng, director of the Office of the Leading Group for New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work and Director of the Department of Physical Hygiene and Art Education, responded to social concerns and said that according to the national guidelines on mask wearing, for low-risk areas, classes in school classrooms also belong to a cluster In places with very strong sex, "requires wearing a mask".
However, Jiefang Daily and Shangguan News also learned that there are no specific regulations on children's masks in the current national mask standard, which is the "national standard". For example, the standards for civilian protective masks include "Daily protective mask technical specifications" and "Respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator", which are mainly aimed at air quality polluted environment and suitable for industrial workplaces, while the medical field standard The three relevant standards are mainly applicable to the medical field.
In response to this, the "Civil Hygiene Mask" group standard drafted and drafted by the China Industrial Textile Industry Association was officially released recently. As the only university member in the drafting unit, Jin Xiangyu, a professor at the Textile College of Donghua University, said that this is actually the first time that China has issued standards for children's daily protective masks.Personal Protective Mask suppliers

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