Potassium Chloride
Place of Origin: China
CAS No.:7447-40-7
EINECS No.:231-211-8
Appearance:White crystal
It is mainly used in the inorganic industry and is a basic raw material for producing various potassium salts or alkalis such as potassium hydroxide, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate, and red strontium potassium. The pharmaceutical industry is used as a diuretic and a drug for preventing and treating potassium deficiency. The dye industry is used to produce G salts, reactive dyes and the like. In agriculture, it is a potash. Its fertilizer efficiency is fast, it can be directly applied to farmland, which can raise the moisture of the lower layer of soil and have the effect of drought resistance. However, it is not suitable for application in saline-alkali land and crops such as tobacco, sweet potato and sugar beet. Potassium chloride is similar in taste to sodium chloride (bitter) and is also used as an additive to low sodium or mineral water. In addition, it is also used to make muzzle or muzzle flame retardant, steel heat treatment agent, and for photography. It can also be used in medicine, scientific applications, food processing, and salt can also replace sodium chloride with some potassium chloride to reduce the possibility of high blood pressure.
Product quality standard
Test itemSpecification
Assay (KCl) /%鈮?9.5鈮?9.5
Clarify degrees testConformConform
Water insoluble/%鈮?.005鈮?.02
Iodide(I) /%鈮?.002鈮?.01
Bromides(Br) /%鈮?.02鈮?.05
Sulfate (SO4) /%鈮?.002鈮?.005
Phosphate(PO4) /%鈮?.0005鈮?.002
Sodium (Na) /%鈮?.02鈮?.1
Magnesium (Mg) /%鈮?.001鈮?.002
Calcium (Ca) /%鈮?.003鈮?.01
Iron (Fe) /%鈮?.0003鈮?.0005
Barium (Ba) /%鈮?.001鈮?.001
Heavy metal (Pb) /%鈮?.0005鈮?.001
Package: 25kgs/PP PE bag/Kraft bagChloride price

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