Our Factory
Dongguan ABOUND IN Machinery & Electric Technology Co., Ltd is a professional One-stop service provider for electronics and electrical products.Furthermore,it is also a high-tech enterprise,whose services involve product evaluation,structural design,electronics design,tooling design and manufacture trial orders and mass production.
Our main products are electronic products,home appliances,stereo products,outdoor products,bicycle parts,manufacturing equipment,some creative OEM/ODM projects and plastic products & relevant tooling.However,R&D is our strength,that's why Toyota,Bridgestone,Wastberg,Rotaliana,Koslighting,Sonin,Basebump,Mamaway and other well-known companies choose us to be their long partner.
We have also obtained many invention patents and certifications,including ISO9001,GSV,3C and others,which not only guarantee our quality but also ensure there is no copyright risk selling our products.
Our Product
1. Intelligent Household Products
2. LED Lighting Products
3. ODM Projects

4. Plastic Molding/Mold Tools

Successful cases: electric spin-dry mop, UV sterilizing lamp, mini projector, electronic detection alarm, LED lamps, bicycle safety brake, bicycle easy pump, bicycle leather cover / wrap, large torque deceleration motor / electronic controller,and others.
Our business involves creativity in electronic products, household appliances, audio-visual products, outdoor sports, bicycle parts, equipment, innovative OEM / ODM development and plastic products / mold research and development, production and sales.
Our Certificate

Production Equipment
1.Mold making work shop
2.Injection workshop
3.Assembly work shop
4.CNC Workshop
5.Final product function auto-test machine
6.Pulling & stress test machine
7.Constant climate chambers
8.Quadrature image measuring instrument
9.Three yuan measuring instrument
Production Market
Our products are mainly exported to USA, UK , Japan, Germany, Italy;
We have worked in partnership with very famous brands,e.g. Toyota, Bridgestone, Wastberg, Rotaliana, Koslighting, Sonin, Basebump, Mamaway, and others.
Our Service
Pre-sales Service
1. Providing customers with technical consultant service for free
2. Providing customers with product samples,company profiles ,credibility letters and so on.
3. Inviting customers to view our production procedure,prototype,product inspection facilities and quality management system.
In-sales Service
During mass production,inviting customers'engineers to view all the producres of product inspection, and providing them with inspection standards and inspection results.
After-sales Services
1. We are staffed with a well-educated after-sales team,mainly engineers,who,after they get information or feedback from customers, will handle enquires and reply with a satisfying answers in the shortest time.
2. We have three guarantees for our products (free return,free replacement, free repair if it is confirmed that our products have a quality problem.)
3. In order to provide a better customer service, we will regularly contact customers to learn about the product status, to help them with all the problems during use and to summarize advice on quality and technical specifications.wholesale Probe Water Level Alarm

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