MST Aluminu (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent of friction stir welding machines of AEE and FANUC in overseas markets. Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou).,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "AEE") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Aerospace Equipments Manufacturer co.,Ltd who is under the Eighth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. AEE adheres to the development of Civil-Military Integration. It's one of the domestic leading FSW solution experts in the application fields of friction stir welding technology.
AEE is the patent authorized unit of manufacturing friction stir welding equipment by the British institute of welding (TWI), which has the R&D and system integration ability of mechanical銆乪lectricity and liquid integration equipment, and provides welding and technical service as well. Relying on the technical strength of "Special Welding Center of National Defense Technology Industry" and "Suzhou FSW Enterprise Technology Center", AEE has created numbers of domestic firsts in friction stir welding equipment, technical R&D and application fields, and can provide 1D, 2D, and spatial 3D friction stir welding equipment and production line, whose customers cover aerospace, shipbuilding industry, nuclear industry, rail transportation, new energy automobile, marine engineering, power electronics and other key national development areas.
After several years of development, AEE has established a good brand image in the industry, with high popularity. Adhering to the concept of "based on aerospace, exploit the market, technology leadership, keep improving", AEE insists on constant innovation i, and focuses on the needs of customers, targeting to be one of the global most significant suppliers of friction stir welding equipment and providing customers with system integration and technical service with medium and high quality.
Shanghai FANUC adheres to the technical advantages of FANUC and provides high-quality products for the majority of industrial users with strong engineering integration and technical service capabilities. Mature and reliable process solutions and perfect technical services.
The FANUC Group, the world's leading manufacturer of factory automation, provides users with high-reliability and innovative robots, robotic automation engineering, all-electric injection molding equipment, high-precision EDM machines, and small machining with its strong R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities. The center and automated processing complete sets of projects help our customers to be invincible in the fierce market competition. FANUC also offers revolutionary software, control and vision systems that are perfectly integrated into the automation engineering we develop.Bobbin Friction Stir Welding Equipment solution

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