The continuous roller hearth furnace is used for spheroidized annealing, annealing, quenching, normalizing and solid solution etc heat treatments of steel / stainless steel, copper and its alloy, aluminum etc industries.
Load capacity. Minimum 40 tons/ batch to maximum 70 tons/ batch
Effective loading space: Width 500~1 ,800mm; height 500 ~2,400 mm; length 8,500 ~100,000mm.
Can customize-make for special size.
Heating rate: 600 ~ 1200KW
Heating source: Electricity or natural gas.
Protection atmosphere: Nitrogen, cracked gases of methanol or RX gases or ammonia.
Electrical control system: PC touch screen installed with professional heat treatment software, fully in鈥攑rocess control.
Atmosphere system: Oxygen probe, carbon鈥攑otential control system, infrared gas analyzer or furnace doctor system.
1. Extremely small temperature difference, realizing precise furnace zone temperature control
2. Protective atmosphere technology to achieve non-decarbonization
3. Longer service life and low maintenance of equipment components are due to the higher thermal and mechanical properties of the components (radiant tubes, furnace rollers, bearings, etc.)
4. Excellent heat preservation, efficient burning rate, compact furnace design and vacuum lock ensure low energy consumption
5. Automatic process control, easy operationRoller Hearth Furnace factory

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