Go forward 20 years ago, when JinHong Gas is still an unknown small filling station, I dream of making JinHong Gas to be a leading gas national brand.One day JinHong can proudly compete with multinational gas companies on the same stage.
Adhering to such a belief, we insist on winning customers with high quality solutions. We always focus on customer, safety first, build effective quality management system, take social responsibility, and also provide a good platform for employee鈥檚 development.
Today, JinHong Gas serves a variety of end markets including electronics, chemicals, food and beverage, energy and manufacturing etc. The company has developed into an intensive integrated gas provider for more than 100 products, such as electronic special gas, air separation gas, synthetic gas 鈥?br/>
The future JinHong Gas will always insists on our vision value and philosophy.
Our Vision:
-Build No.1 national brand of gas industry
Our Value:
-Integrity and Dedication
-Cooperation and Innovation
-Responsibility and Execution
-Gratitude sharing
Our Philosophy:
-Create pure gold quality for customersCarbon Monoxide Gas price

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