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I、 Basic information:

Category: Plant

Chinese Name: Wooden ear

Latin names: Auricularia Auricula (L.ex Hook.) Underwood

English name: Aagaric

Aka: wood fungus, auricularia, tree ear, wood moth, food cloud ear fungus
Wooden ear, (English: agaric), mainly in China and Japan. Mostly in China they are the Northeast fungus and Qinling Mountain fungus. Edible fungus, both wild and cultivated, seed entity is ear-shaped, leaf-like or cup-shaped wavy, thin, edge, width 3-10 cm, thickness 2 mm, with lateral handle or narrowly attached to the base of the stroma. Dark brown color, a gum-shaped soft, thin and flexible, translucent when wet, contractions become brittle when dry skin leathery. Delicious prime meat, the nourishment is abundant. Fungus sweet natured, has many medicinal effect. Increase “Qi” to the body, and activating blood circulation efficiency and prevention of iron-deficiency anemia; blood standing face is ruddy skin, glowing, capable of dredging intestines, lubricate the intestinal, and also helpful for hypertensive patients.

II、 the source of origin:
Agaric grows in the ash of Oak,poplar,fig,and Chinese Scholar tree,etc, others of more than 120 kinds of broadleaf trees, solitary or in groups. Wild Black Agaric mainly in Daba Mountains Sichuan, Qingchuan Sichuan and Xiaoxing'an mountains forest areas, the Qinling-Daba mountains, Funiu mountain range, Huanren in Liaoning province. Distribution areas in Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Fujian, Taiwan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other places.

Black Agaric in Daba mountains Sichuan has best tasting, which people use QingGang Wood cultivate Agaric. And since Tang dynasty, people in Daba mountain, Micang mountain, Longmen mountain in North Sichua area,started growing black Agarics. Yun Ling and the Hengduan Mountains, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces were also important areas of Black Agaric. Shennongjia, Qinling Mountains,Daba Mountain, Funiu mountain range, Wuyi Mountain, also produces high quality black agarics.

Black Agaric is famous for its delicacies, food, medicines, supplements, Chinese people never get tired of long food on the table, "vegetarian meat" reputation, known in the world of "black gem in Chinese." Chinaese Cultivation of Black Agaric is rated as first class in agronomy, horticulture, bacteria art history of the world.

III、 Morphological characteristics:
Agaric (scientific name: Auricularia or Wood ear) is edible mushroom, fruiting gum, into a disk shape, ear shape irregular, 3-12 cm in diameter. When fresh, it is soft, and dry into keratin . It has many alternative name, because of growth rot wood on, its shape like people’s ear, so name Wooden ear; and like Moth Butterfly standing on the wood, so named wood moth; because it taste as chicken delicious, so also name tree chicken; heavy flap of agrics in tree with mosaic each other, like cloud pieces, and has cloud ear of said. People often eat Agric, there are two main types: one is the ventral surface is smooth, color black, while the back is grey or grey-brown hairy, agaric, rough fungus (commonly known as wild mushrooms) and another: on both sides are smooth, dark brown, semi-transparent, known as fine fungus, black Agaric. Wild Mushroon polytricha area is large, but the texture is thicker and difficult to chew, taste bad, low prices. Black Agaric is soft and delicious, slippery and cool, nutrient-rich, is a kind of large scale cultivation, there are natural wild major grain-producing areas also.

"Black Agaric (mushroom)" fruiting clusters, imbricate stack, ear-shaped. Leaf-shaped or near forests, margins undulate, thin, wide 2-150px, the biggest Jew 300px, around 2mm, with lateral handle or narrowly on base attached to the base of the fine mass. Early soft gelatinous, viscous and elastic, slightly since cartilaginous, after the strong contractions, black hard brittle skin to almost leathery. Curved back outside, purple-brown to dark-gray, sparsely short hair. Fluff Brown at the base, acuminate, tip couple of colorless, (115-135) Mu MX (5-6) μ m. Concave inside, vein-smooth or slightly wrinkled, black-brown to Brown. Composed of the flesh by hyphae with clamp connection, rough 2-3.5 μ m. Hymenium born, burden, basidiospores and side wire. 60-70 μ m long, thick about 6 μ m, cross is obvious. Spores are kidney-shaped, colorless, (9-15) Mu MX (4-7) μ m; spores subglobose to ovoid, (11-15) Mu MX (4-7) μ m, colorless, often born in the surface of the hymenium.

IV、 Nutritional value:
Agaric is six times times the protein content of milk, and also has quite a few calcium, phosphorus, iron content, and in addition Xylose, mannose, glucose, carbohydrates, and lecithin, ergot, sterols, such as vitamin c. Agaric has the efficacy of prevention of atherosclerosis. Protein-rich, and is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron content is extremely high, iron per 100 grams of dried mushrooms reached 185 mg, are 100 times of the meat.

Black Agaric is an excellent food to patients with iron deficiency anemia. Also has function of loosing the detoxification. The Adenine Nucleotides in Black Agaric have a significant inhibitory effects on Thrombosis and, therefore, is good health care for the elderly in food. On gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, bezoars of endogenous foreign body, also has a relatively significant function of defusion. Black fungus also contains a variety of minerals, producing strong reactions to different stones, osteochondritis dissecans, differentiation, eroded stones, then stones reduced and discharged. Blackagaric can be for supplements for people, efficacy slow, therefore, suitable only for mild, Mitis or sub-health of routine health care, if severe, acute when the required compatibility of his medicine or as a treatment. In addition, the black agaric is difficult to digest and have a role in lubricating the bowel, so don’t use for spleen asthenia indigestion or loose stools diluted stool; and also don’t use for agaric allergies and similar fungus allergies.

V、Efficacy indications:
its taste: sweet, flat, slightly poisonous. Mainly for increasing “Qi” without feeling hunger after meal, reduce body weight and strong heart, cure hemorrhoids. With tonifying Qi and nourishing blood, lungs and cough; blood; blood pressure; cancer; transportation of blood and Qi, moistens the lung, brain, light, cooling blood, Hemostatic and astringent in intestinal and blood, beauty, and so on. Attending diarrhea due to Qi deficiency and blood heat, metrorrhagia, urinating blood, gum pain, prolapse of the rectum, bloody stools and other symptoms.

1. The content of iron in agaric is extremely rich, so eat offen can raise blood standing face is ruddy skin, glowing, and prevention and control of iron-deficiency anemia.

2. Agaric contains vitamin k, maintained normal levels of coagulation factors in the body to prevent bleeding.

3. The glue in the Agaric can adsorpt dust, impurity residues within the human digestive system, and excreted together, so as to play a role in clearing stomach and intestinal.

4. Has a relatively significant function of defusion for gallstones, kidney stones and other endogenous foreign body.

5.It helps to digest fiber material, dissolve and oxidate indigestible hair, rice husk, wood residue, sand, scrap metal or other foreign bodies by inadvertently eating, therefore, it is the essential health food for mining, chemical and textile workers.

6. Agaric contains anti-tumor substances, able to enhance immunity, regular consumption can be prevention and anti-cancer.

7. Chinese Medicine deem the high value of Agaric, however people should be noted that it is not fresh used.

VI、 Pharmacological role:
---Effect blood system

1. anticoagulant blood role

2. anti-platelet gathered role

3. anti-thrombosis formed

---Promote immune function

---Effect biological synthesis

---Reduce arteriosclerosis

---Delay aging role

---Anti-radiation and inflammatory

---Anti-ulcer role

---Drop blood sugar role

---Anti-birth role

---Anti-cancer, and anti-mutation

---Anti-bacterial role,the separation of black thorn bacteria in Agaric known as anti-fungi role. ---Cleaning up heat toxic in blood

---Dispelling black spot

---Clearing stomach and intestinal

VII、 Taboo crowd:
Good for edible: Black agaric is a ideal health food for frail, lassitude of the loins and legs, numbness in her long illness, anaemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cancer patients; in addition, It helps to dissolve or melt indigestible hair, rice husk, wood residue, sand, scrap metal or other foreign bodies by inadvertently eating Suitable for a haircut, mining, dust, saw wood, repair and protection operations staff to eat. Fit for human consumption.

Bad for edible: Black Agaric is flat and tonic, but fresh Agaric containing a material, will caused daylight Dermatitis, so fresh Agaric should not be edible; In additional, Black agaric also has activation blood and anticoagulant role. For various bleeding, such as hemorrhoids bleeding, dysentery bleeding, pee bleeding, and women metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, menstrual too much bleeding, eye bleeding, tuberculosis cough hemoptysis patients, and bleeding disease patients, it should not be edible. In addition, pregnant women should not eat.

VIII、 Notes:
Agaric are rich in dietary fiber, so people of prone to diarrhea and poor digestion of deficient and cold of spleen and stomach, should seldom eat, otherwise it may cause flatulence, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Dried agaric is safer than fresh one. Because fresh agaric contain a special ingredient, the chemical name "Porphyrin". Porphyrin is a light sensation material, after people eat fresh one, via solar radiation, can cause Plant Solar Dermatitis, which can cause itching, skin is exposed to some of the redness, itching and pain. Dried agaric is treated by exposure under solar, in the exposure process will break down most of the Porphyrin, and put into water before eating, which the remaining toxins are soluble in water, the soaked dried agaric is non-toxic. People should pay attention: changing the water several times when soaking dried mushrooms.

IX、Effect and function:

1. Effectively excluding foreign body: Black Agaric contain abundant plant collagen ingredients, it has strong adsorption, It can dissolve and oxidate the indigestible hair, rice husk, wood residue, sand, scrap metal or other foreign bodies by inadvertently eating,

2. Combat Anemia: very rich in iron content in Balck Agaric, liver more than 7 times compare with pig, so eat the fungus can raise blood retaining youthful looks, skin is rosy, radiant, and prevention and control of iron-deficiency anemia.

3. Anti-cancer: it contains anti-cancer active substances, able to enhance immunity, regular consumption can be anti-cancer.

4. Detoxification: Black Agaric with supplementing “qi” to the body, nourishing kidney and stomach, blood circulation and other functions,it could be resistance to blood coagulation, thrombosis, blood lipids, its role is in reducing blood viscosity, soften blood vessels, allowing blood to flow fluently, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Black agaric also has strong adsorption, regular consumption helps make the body produce waste excreted in a timely manner.
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