Over Injection Mould
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What is over injection mold?
Over injection mould is a unique types of conventional plastic injection mould, that is used to produce a single part using a combination of two or more plastic and elastomer materials together. During the plastic over molding process, the base layer part is molded firstly, subsequently molded over another layer of plastic around the original part in a separate injection machine. One or more plastic resins may be used depending on material compatibility to achieve a specific texture or look you is most commonly used one hard engineering plastic moulded over another soft rubber together to reinforce part mechanical strength, or color difference appearance.over injection mould is most like Insert injection mold, the only difference is over injection mould is molded plastic parts, insert injection mould molded-over metal components.
Key to success of over injection mould
鈻?Over injection mould related two injection moulds, that need balance two parts structure to compensate each other.
鈻?Shrinkage rate of over injection mold is the key point to be highly focus on, as shrinkage rate of over injection molded area is different from conventional single injection molding.
鈻?Position dwell of over molded plastic part on the mould must be precision, stable and reliable during injection molding.
鈻?The first moulded plastic part must be easily put it into mould in right position with human or robot.
鈻?The moulded plastic substrate itself must be able to withstand high injection pressure and molding temperature or, the substrate melting temperature of first moulded plastic resin must be higher than second over moulded resin temperature.
Why do we need over Injection Mould?
One of the main reasons is that an over injection mould can give us a perfect solution that improves the part overall aesthetic design and functionality. Such as multi-color options,Comfortable handle feeling. Also include:
鈥?Reduces assembly defect and labor costs
鈥?Provides a soft grip surface around a part of the separate material or Adds flexible areas to a rigid part.
鈥?Break up color (aesthetic impacts).
鈥?Enhance component assembly reliability
鈥?Improved part mechanical strength or properties
Over injection mould making process
鈻?Customer PO release or confirmed by email.
鈻?Core team created and initial GANTT prepare.
鈻?DFM communication with customer with mould flow analysis.
鈻?mould 3D confirmation with customer, to follow up if any potential EC.
鈻?Tooling steel and standard components purchasing.
鈻?Tooling steel cutting approval from customer. Double confirm with customer if any engineering change need implement.
鈻?Tooling construction process monitoring by weekly.
鈻?Dimension check before tooling assembly after machining completion.
鈻?Tooling trial and sample with FAI submitted to customer approval if GOM report need.
Over injection mould applications
YI HITECH'S over injection mould design and fabrication capabilities are regularly used for a wide variety of applications, including but not limitation:
鈥?Electronic tool handle.
鈥?Home Appliance
鈥?Medical devices
鈥?Electronic Consumer devices
鈥?And more
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