Product Introduction
Hot cheap skin analyser for non-invasive treatment.Detect 9 deep skin problems.
1. Roughness
2. Skin texture
3. Stain
4. Pores
5. Wrinkle
6. Acne
7. Texture
8. Water
This is an artificial intelligence skin tester that can quickly detect users' skin problems and provide accurate skin test reports to help users effectively manage their skin.
1, the development of more accurate treatment program;
2, more convenient communication of a strong visual communication tools;
3, continuous effective tracking of treatment results and progress;
4锛孴he pathology analysis system has software that captures and analyzes facial images.
1. Dermatology module
2. Skin assessment module
3. Skin attribute module
4. Comparative analysis module
5. Report module
6. File module
7. Solution module
8. Cloud computing/storage module
Main Functions 1. Grouping of skin conditions: compare the skin characteristics of the female patient with the skin types of other individuals of the same age. 2. Qualitative reporting: providing a more comprehensible qualitative analysis for the patient, and includes recommendations for managing skin lesions. 3. Operating Records: In the early stages of maintaining customer data and treatment plans, improve more effective treatment recommendations 4. Multiple Database options: Organize Clinical Studies by physicians or other disciplines to meet patients'needs
Tips: the software is how to calculate the skin age?
Our software can precision analysis the quantity of spots by limit zone, but also calculate the size of each spot and all to gain spot as follows:
Spot density = sum of all spots / Limit zone X gain %
get result and level get a Valve
Skin age= True age +/- ValveAI Skin Mirror suppliers

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