鈥?Our History
Huae has been developing and manufacturing industrial as well as laboratorial thermo equipment for different applications since its establishment. Huae offers a wide range of furnaces worldwide and has been highly appreciated by customers home and abroad.
Huae provides a whole set of mechanical and electrical solutions to our customers, which makes it possible for precisely controlling as well as remote monitoring of thermal treatment. Our senior engineers spare no efforts to improve the temperature uniformity, energy efficiency and products durability of our equipment to enhance our competition advantage.
Our multi-disciplinary R&D team has successfully developed a full series of industrial/ laboratorial equipment and has gained series of patents. We have a full range of furnaces for technical research in our laboratory, which can meet different requirements for sintering, roasting, calcination, crystallization, catalysis, pyrolysis as well as graphite oxide reduction etc. under various atmosphere conditions.
鈥?Our Factory
We have a production line located in the same industrial park with our office, which will respond rapidly to various mechanical and electrical requirements.
Meanwhile, our QC will operate several commissioning works at the factory to ensure good machine condition before final delivering.
鈥?Our Product
Huae adopts 3 heating technologies as well as its combinations on its furnaces, that is, microwave heating, resistance heating as well as induction heating, while our products series are as follows,
muffle furnace, ashing furnace, tube furnace, vacuum furnace, sintering furnace, pyrolysis furnace, smelting furnace, graphite furnace.
鈥?Product Application
We provide customers with a series of standard equipment from low temperature to high temperature, from normal pressure to high vacuum degree, from air atmosphere to various atmosphere options, from intermittent to continuous equipment, so as to meet the needs of various thermal treatment processes such as ashing, roasting, calcination, sintering, graphite exfoliation, crystallization, extraction, pyrolysis and cracking etc.
鈥?Our Certificate
鈥?Production Equipment
Huae has been committed to promoting the utilization of microwave energy in the fields of scientific research, new materials, chemical industry and environmental technology over the years, while has successfully developed series of laboratory and industrial equipment in the fields of high technology ceramics, non-ferrous metallurgy, mass production of high quality graphene, organic hazardous wastes harmless disposal etc.
鈥?Production Market
Our industrial and lab used equipment is not only well received in China, but also has exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other countries. Our target market is America, Europe, eastern Asia, southeast Asia, middle east, Africa and Oceania etc.
鈥?Our Service
Our service process is as follows
01 Technical Consultant
Communicate with our sales engineer to get more details of our products.
02 Product Solution
We provide a full set of electrical and mechanical solutions as well as various customized service to meet your requirements.
03 Product Design & Production
Our senior mechanical and electrical design engineers ensure superior product quality.
04 Machine Commissioning & Delivery
Commissioning work will be operated several times to ensure good machine condition before delivery.
05 After Sales Service
Our professional after-sales service team is always available to help, if you have any difficulty in installing or operating, please contact us at any time.China Vertical Tube Furnace

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