1. Overview
GJY type chemical dosing system is mainly used for dissolve powdered agent like PAC, PAM, FeSO4, and make up demanded liquid agent for use.
2. Components
GJY type chemical dosing system adopts high-low tank type. It is mainly composed of dissolving tank, storage tank, agitator, manipulation platform and handrails. Note: chemical dosing pump is not included in the standard configuration. (We can choose suitable chemical dosing pump according to the clients鈥?nbsp;requirements.) Medicine dissolving tank is equipped with agitator. The chemical dosage is prepared based on various concentrations. And then the prepared solution flows into the storage tank for reservation which is pumped by chemical dosing pump. In conclusion, this equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and economic usefulness.
3.Main technical parameters
ModelDissolving tank size(mm)Effective volume of dissolving tank(L)Storage tank size(mm)Effective volume of storage tank(L)Agitator(KW)
4.About GYEChemical Dosing Unit

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