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ELECRAZY ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional mobile phone spare parts supplier, we mainly specialized in LCD/Digitizer/Battery/Housing/Flex cable/Small parts/Accessories of iPhone/Samsung/iPad/Sony/Motorola/ZTE/Huawei/MIUI/HTC with different quality grade.
Our customers are coming from more than 100 countries all over the world, we are familiar with the demands and customs policy of different area, we have multiple choices for products quality, shipping solution and package.
ELECRAZY cooperating with more than 200 factories in China, some of them are biggest factories in the mobile phone parts industry, which support us to offer our customers good price, stable supply and life time warranty policy.
Quality control is the most important link in mobile phone parts business, all the LCDs and batteries will be tested two rounds, and all the flex cable/housing/small parts/accessories will be check one by one by our professional QC team before shipment.
We are ready to offer you good product and professional service, welcome to contact us, we are on service at any time.
LCD Assemble Procedure
1.Test the FOG and digitizer
2.Put glue on the digitizer
3.Assemble the FOG and digitizer so we get a complete LCD
4.Use high pressure machine to seal the LCD socket and LCD together
5.Check and clean the LCD appearance
6.Test the LCD function
7.Cover the LCD by filmSuper High Capacity Battery For Samsung Galaxy S10 manufacturers

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