Turnkey (say complete wood pellet processing plant) means a whole project including several process sections with equipments which aims to produce biomass pellet from fram and forest waste materials. As a biomass pellet equipment manufacture, Henan Univer Machinery aims to be your expert to provide turnkey solutions for the building.
Annual output 50,000 tons flow chart
Above is one product with 50,000 tons output per year.From the diagram, you may find a whole may contain four process sections: raw material chipping (if size is more than 200mm) and crushing section (if material size is more than 5mm), drying section (if material moisture is higher than 18%), pelletizing section, cooling & packing section, and below project pictures at site for your reference.
Equipment list of annual output 50,000 tons
No DescriptionQ'ty (set) Power (kw)
1Feed belt conveyor1 5.5
2Drum chipper1 110
3Chain conveyor to hopper1 3
4Wood chip hopper13
5Screw conveyor to hammer mill13
6Hammer mill 1 2*200
7Dust collector1 22
8Fine material hopper1 3
9Skirt conveyor13
10Drum dryer185
11Moisture content tester
12Skirt conveyor to dryer13
13Hopper upper pellet mill 1 2.2
14Pellet mill 2 2*220
15Fan 22*3
16Skirt conveyor to cooler 2 2*32 2*3
17Cooler 22*2
18Dust collector 2 2*11
19Skirt conveyor to screen 2 2*3
20Vibrating screen 2 2*0.6
21Packing machine 1 3
22Discharging belt conveyor 1 0.75
23Installation material at site
24Electrical control system
Total power consumption 1141.85
Actually, a complete shall be a customized design per customer鈥檚 different situation and requirement. Different material characteristics, different climate condition, and different final use for the wood pellet may influence the proposal designing. Say someone may need all above sections and someone may only need pelletizing, cooling and packing systems simply.
Who we are and what we can provide for the building
Henan Univer Machinery Co.,Ltd as a wood pellet equipment manufacturer,we can provide not only the machinery per your requirements, but also can provide full set solutions to you based on your exactly situations, including confirm your background information about the project, processing flow chart design, equipment list and price and factory layout designing if possible.
So below information is needed from you for the quoation making:
鈼?nbsp;Raw material type and size: material name, length and diameter in mm;
鈼?nbsp;Raw material moisture content: average moisture, sometimes needs to offer inner and external moisture separatly;
鈼?nbsp;Capacity: tons per hour;
鈼?nbsp;Final wood pellet use and if need packing
鈼?nbsp;Other related information for reference: raw material yard, local climate, fuel for stove equipped to dryer machine, wood pellet price in local, voltage standard in local, even government policy and so on.Customized Wood Pellet Line

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