Our History
In 1991, Mr. Xiong Caihua, driven by desire and passion to construct his hometown, returned to Ezhou as soon as he graduated from ZhongNan Finance & Economics University, By the time, Chinese diamond tool industry was originated in Ezhou. Without hesitation, he devoted himself to R&D formula for diamond tools. From then on, he started his professional career of saw blade.
Thanks to his talent, hard-working, exploration and innovation, Mr. Xiong invevted 2SD Ultimate Balance Point Formula, which helped Yintian to solve the contradiction between sharpness and lifespan of a saw blade, and created the rudiment of Yintian All-Round King in 1994.which helped Mr. Xiong earn his First Pot of Gold although he was just running a small business.
In 1997, Mr. Xiong launched Hubei Yintian Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. Later he gathered an expert team. In order to develop products fitting in well with the demand of stone processing, they often went deep into some typical large scale stone mining area and stone trade bases to do research. Additionally, they spent a lot of time in dissecting and studying diamond blades imported from German, Italy, Japan, Korean and America.
When time went by 2009, Yintian's annual sales scale exceeded 1 million pcs & sets. Aimed at long-term business in the international market, Lucy Lau, Mr. Xiong'wife,set up Overseas Business Department, and based on it, established Hubei Yintian Cutting Industry Co.,Ltd in 2012, developing high-end blade &segment for the overseas market in OEM /ODM. Gratefully, their products have been sold well in more than 20 countries, such as Brazil, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russia etc.
Offering OEM/ODM for overseas dealers helped Yintian broaden their vision in international markets. From 2012 to 2016, a large scale renewal & transformation of technical equipment took placed in Yintian. As the results, Yintian built more than 50 production lines with more than 100 sets of advanced equipment, including 72 process flow and 38 check & test procedures.Besides, They created a kind of flexible manufacturing technology to achieve ultra-high productivity,while perfectly providing customized saw blades & segments in precise delivery.

Up to now, Led by Mr. and Mrs. Xiong, Yintian Group has built two manufacturing enterprises, one trade company, and a production base鈥擸intian Science and Technology Industrial park in Ezhou, working out a series of products fitting in well with the demand not only in domestic but also in overseas, including more than 200 specifications & 1000 models welding saw blades, 100 kinds of sintered saw blades, and more than 60 models of segments for mining saw, etc., solving many kinds of tough problems in stone processing.
Yintian do their best efforts in the field for 20 years, making full use of essence of not only the local Industry but also the foreign technology, growing up as one of the top enterprises. Yintian take it as their mission to supply the most perfect saw blade all over the world, take it as their vision to help stone processing easy, take it as their obligation to deserve every penny of the customers. Yintian will be dedicated to serve you forever!
Our Factory
Yintian import the world leading flexible production technology, devising 32 procedures and 100 machines into several flexible units. We devote to innovating in every step and confining the deviation of process within 0.8%,thus improving the performance of all machines through a more tight project . As the same time, our company also innovated and transformed technology of ability on equipment , originally introducing 24sets of advanced CNC automatic cold press, 37 large current computer temperature control hot press , studying and researching , introducing flexible manufacturing technology of Germany,dividing and cutting the existing production equipment according to various standards the function of segmentation and combination,increasing the work efficiency of flexible manufacturing unit , and providing diversified production of customers at home and abroad, and strictly to ensure delivery of products.

Our Product
The main product of Yintian are DFP high-frequency welding saw blade, wholly sintered diamond segment for mining saws in hundreds of specification & thousands of models. Our product category include all sorts of stone cutting blades for granite & marble & limestone & sandstone & basalt. Additionally, we have concrete& reinforced concrete & asphalt cutting blades as ceramic cutting blades and various kinds of polishing pads, polishing segments etc.

Our Certificate
Product Application
Yintian diamond saw blade and segment are suitable cutting various stones, such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone & basalt. As well as suitable to cutting ceramic, concrete, reinforced concrete & asphalt etc.
Production Equipment
Yintian built more than 50 advanced production line with more than 100 sets of advances production equipment , including 72 process flow and 38 check & test process. Besides, we created a kind of flexible manufacturing technology to achieve ultra- high productivity while providing customized saw blade & segments in precise delivery.
Production Market
Yintain has already occupied 30% domestic market share of granite blades. Depending on the comprehensive advantages such as top-quality products,mature and unique technology as well as the competitive price- performance ratio and powerful service system, we have been selling all kinds of our products well in 34 provinces in China and more than 20 foreign countries as such as Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, India, Spain and Russia etc.Providing individualized OEM service for 400 dealers worldwide.
Our Service
Yintian sales team is always waiting for your enquiry, according to your needs to provide you with the most suitable products. Yantian professional r & d team can also customize products for you according to your special needs.Our strict quality control system to ensure quality excellent and stable. We guarantee you satisfied at the first test! Delivery with in 10-15days, never been delayed!Best 350mm Limestone Saw Blade

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