Hydraulic rotate portable anchoring engineering drilling machine
Product Introduction:
SKMG50 and SKMG70 hydraulic rotate portable anchoring engineering drilling rig is mainly used for railways, highways, landslide control endangering of hydropower and anchor hole, drainage hole, grouting hole construction for dangerous rock anchoring reinforce projects, as well as the blasting hole and tunnel pipe shed shoring hole construction .
Product information:
Type: portable anchoring drilling rig
Power type: electric engine and air compressor
Brand name: Shoukai
Model :SKMG50,SKMG70
Feature :adopt large torque rotate motor, hydraulic system control compact, lightweight, good disassembling, and easy to relocate and positioning; wide drilling angle range, power head can move forward and backward along the mast, drilling and positioning is convenient and reliable.,
Warranty: 6months
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Technical parameter for portable anchoring drilling rig :
Model ParametersSKMG50SKMG70
drilling diameter90-180mm90-200mm
drilling depth25-70m35-80m
drilling rod spec76*1500mm / 89*1500mm
propeller flip angle0-90°
propeller compensation stroke500mm500mm
power head output rotate speed0-65rpm70rpm
power head output max torque3200N.m3900N.m
power head max stroke1800mm
power head max lifting force30kN35kN
power head max feeding force25kN25kN
hydraulic system rated pressure17-18Mpa
electric motor power for hydraulic pump22KW
rig overall dimension3000*780*1360mm3100*1000*1500mm
hydraulic station overall dimension1850*810*1280mm1850*810*1280mm
Products details:
1, convenient up and down adjust mechanism
The up and down hydro-cylinder can adjust the angle of guide rail fast to satisfy drilling requirements from different angles.
The compensation hydro-cylinder can guarantee the guide rail to stand vertically on the ground when making vertical drilling.
2, strong power head, hydraulic motor drive the power head rotate.
3,power components
3-phase asynchronous electric motor and double connect gear oil pump provide power for drillng rig.
4, centralized control bench
The control bench far from drilling rig can protect the safety of operator.
The centralized control metal stick makes the controlling of drilling rig easy and convenience.
Advanced hydraulic system can realize drilling rig rotating and feeding fast.
5, reliable propulsion device
It adopts hydro-cylinder feeding pattern with compact structure, big lifting force and good stability
6, compact hydraulic station
This hydraulic station provides transmit media for hydraulic system.
The radiator can reduce the oil temperature efficiently to avoid hydraulic oil from changing to low viscosity or destroyed because of the very high temperature of oil.
The electric control box can protect the electric motor to operate safely.
Matched drilling accessories and air compressor :
1,Different strata condition use different drilling tools.
2, Kindly tell us ur detail information as follow when you send us your inquiry,:
the hole diameter
the hole depth
the strata condition
we will quote you proper drilling rig model with matched air compressor model and full accessories once get your inquiry.
SKMG50 and SKMG70 portable anchoring drilling rig working at site:
Our certification :portable anchoring drilling machine factory

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