Product Description:
Melt blown polypropylene, also melt blown PP, is a kind of polymer polypropylene, which results from melt blown extrusion process. Melt blown is a spinning way in which polymer melt is rapidly strongly tensed and then solidified in the presence of high-speed hot airflow. The advantage lies in short process and being spun directly into nonwovens. Melt blown PP is key material for melt blown fabric, a kind of fabric used to make Masks, respirators and Disposable medical garbs etc.
Product Application:
melt blown fabric
Packing and Delivery:
Q1: What鈥檚 the shipping date?
A1: Within 15 days after payment, it will be shipped.
Q2: Where is the company located?
A2: We company is located in the Economic Development District of Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Among the the Yangtse river delta economic area, it owns excellent geographical advantage.Meltblown PP manufacturers

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