Our History
The founder of Wenzhou Hanlu Machinery Co., LTD. began to enter the packing machinery industry in 2006 in a packaging machinery company in Wenzhou. He had participated in the small team which just contained two people and then led the team of foreign trade development expanding to twenty people. During eleven years, the volume of foreign trade business increased from the initial annual sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars to later tens of millions of dollars.
Because of the dream of establishing own company, he founded Wenzhou Hanlu Machinery Co., LTD. in 2017. Nearly three years, the annual sales closed to $2million. In 2020, there are five new members join the team.
Now the company is in the rapid development stage, and we believe that through the joint efforts of the company's teamwork and customer support, our company will have a bright future.
Our Factory
Wenzhou Hanlu Machinery Co., LTD., established鈥俰n 2017, is鈥俛鈥俶anufacturer and鈥倀rader鈥俿pecialized鈥俰n鈥倀he鈥俽esearch development鈥俛nd鈥俻roduction鈥俹f鈥倃rapper shrink machine, shrink machine, sealing machine, vacuum machine, carton sealer, etc.鈥?/span>
We鈥俛re鈥俵ocated鈥俰n Wenzhou, Zhejiang,鈥倃ith鈥俢onvenient鈥倀ransportation鈥俛ccess.鈥侫ll鈥俹f鈥俹ur鈥俻roducts comply鈥倃ith鈥俰nternational鈥俼uality鈥俿tandards鈥俛nd鈥俛re鈥俫reatly鈥俛ppreciated鈥俰n鈥俛鈥倂ariety鈥俹f different鈥俶arkets鈥倀hroughout鈥倀he鈥倃orld. We鈥俬ave鈥俹ver five employees, an annual sales figure that exceeds USD2million.
Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to provide customers with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and first-class service. We鈥俢ontinually concentrate our efforts on attracting and maintaining world-class talent, providing high-quality products and delivering customer satisfaction. We sincerely welcome customers abroad to cooperate with us to establish and develop rewarding business partnerships.
Our Product
1. Sleeve Wrapper Machine
2. L-type Sealer
3. Thermal Shrink Packaging Machine
4. Vacuum Packaging Machine
5. Sealing Machine
6. Carton Sealer
7. Label Shrink Packager
8. Blow Moulding Machine
9. Liquid/Paste Filling and Packaging Machine
10. Pallet luggage Stretch Wrapping Machine
11. Strapping Machine
12. Vertical & Pillow Packing Machine
13. Printing Machine
14. Packaging Materials
Product Application
Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, Apparel, Textiles.
Production Equipment
Machining Center, Die-casting Machine, Punching Machine, etc.
Production Market
America, Central America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East Annual sales close to USD2million.
Our Service
1. We will not only fully understand the needs of our customers, but also provide matching products and details to the customers for what they want.
2. We will try our best to answer what customers have asked about our products, and respond to customer inquiries in time.
1. Follow up the product development process to ensure projects are on schedule.
2. Provide schedules and status reports on the projects to customers.
1. Free Training:
Train buyer's technicians in seller's factory free of charge. The buyer needs to pay for the travel charges to China to seller's factory.
2. Engineers service overseas:
Support to send seller's technician to buyer's factory to install the machine and do the training for buyer's technicians.
The buyer needs to pay for all of the travel charges for seller's technician, including the visa fee, air tickets, the local accommodation, the food, the local traffic charges and so on.
3. 24 Hours:
If you have any problems using the device, within 24 hours we will provide guidance to customers via e-mail or telephone, etc.
4. One year full-service warranty and lifetime maintenance.Table Top Vacuum Machine suppliers

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