magnesium sulfate
Anhydrousmagnesium sulfate
Monohtdratemagnesium sulfate
Dihydratemagnesium sulfate
Triahydratmagnesium sulfate
Pentahydratemagnesium sulfate
AppearanceWhite powder or granuleWhite crystals
MgO% min32.528.625.322.71916.2
Mg % min19.617.2125.322.71916.2
(Fe)% max0.00150.00150.00150.00150.00150.0015
Heavy metal
(as Pb)%max0.00080.00080.00070.00070.00060.0006
(as )% max0.00020.00020.00020.00020.00020.0002
Magnesium sulfate is a colorless or white crystal or powder with a bitter taste and is delirious.It is used in chemical industry, such as chemical fertilizer, explosive, papermaking, etc. Meanwhile, it is also used in medicine for catharsis, cholagogic, anti-convulsion and other symptoms.
In PE bag.
1. The packaging must be complete and the transport should be safe. Our company will check and confirm the same package before the products leave the factory before delivery.
2. In the process of transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall or damage, and that it is strictly mixed with oxides and food chemical agents. The packaging of our products has been certified. The packaging is strong and safe. We have special transportation vehicles to ensure the safety and stability in the process of transportation.
3. Do a good job of protecting yourself from the sun, rain and high temperature. Vehicles should be thoroughly cleaned after transportation and transported according to the prescribed route. Our transportation carriage has the corresponding treatment, completes the sunblock, the rainproof coating treatment, the packing product in the bad weather normal transportation.
Application In Agriculture:
Fertilizers: Magnesium sulfate is used in agriculture and horticulture to improve soil deficient in magnesium, because magnesium is an essential component of chlorophyll molecules, and is often used in potted plants or crops containing magnesium, such as potatoes, roses, tomatoes, etc. Because of its high solubility, magnesium sulfate has an advantage over other soil improvers containing magnesium.
Feed: Feed grade magnesium sulfate may also be used as a supplement to magnesium in animal feed. Magnesium is an indispensable factor involved in the process of bone formation and muscle contraction in livestock and poultry as well as an activator of various enzymes in livestock and poultry. It plays an important role in the metabolism and nerve function of substances in livestock and poultry, so as to avoid material metabolism and mental function disorder and supply disorder caused by magnesium deficiency in livestock and poultry. Reduce the incidence of deaths due to stunted growth of livestock and poultry.
Emergency Treatment: Isolate the leaking contaminated area and restrict access.It is recommended that emergency responders wear dust masks and general work clothes.Do not contact the leakage directly.
Small amount of leakage: avoid dust, sweep carefully, collect and transport to waste disposal site.
Large leakage: Collect and recover or transport to waste disposal site.Magnesium Fertilizer manufacturers

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