High Precision Intelligent Lightning Protection Component Tester With LCD Display
Product Name:Lightning Protection Component TesterPower Supply:AC 220V 50Hz/DC12V
Working Temperature:0~+40鈩?/p>Humidity:鈮?5%RH
High Light:lightning arrester tester, leakage current test equipment
High Precision Intelligent Lightning Protection Component Tester With LCD Display
This instrument is used to test the DC parameters of Oxide Zinc voltage dependent resistor (varistor/ MOV), ceramic 2/3-electrode surge arrester, gas discharge tube and other Surge Protective Devices. It also can be used as stable power source or constant current power supply.
HV short circuit and over current protection, high voltage preset, range adjustment functions
HV self discharge time less than 0.5 second.
Self check function.
LCD display, high precision, strong reliability.
Measurement range can be preset, sound alert when exceed the acceptable range.
Continuous measurement for a batch of test objects
Simple panel for easy operation
Light in weight, easy to carry
Technical Parameters
Varistor/Pressure sensitive resistor measurement
Technique parameterrangeerrorcondition
Initial action voltage:U1mA0~1999V鈮ぢ?%卤1d1mA卤5渭A
Leakage current:0.75U1mA0~199.9渭A鈮ぢ?渭A卤1d0.75U1mA鈮ぢ?%卤1d
Discharge tube/Gas Tube Surge Arrester GDT measurement
Technique parameterRangeerrorCondition
DC breakdown voltage Vsdc75~1999v鈮ぢ?%卤1dVoltage rise speed:100V/S卤10%
Insulation resistance6M惟(500V)
Withstand voltageAC 1.5kV 50HZ 1min
Working temperature humidity0~+40鈩?鈮?5%RH
Storage temperature humidity-10鈩儈+50鈩?鈮?0%RH
Power supplyAC 220V 50Hz/DC12V
Instrument size Net Weight208mm脳190mm脳78mm,
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