LiFePO4/LFP solar street light 12V 24V 2000 cycles cylindrical lithium-ion battery pack.
Product Details:
We are the factory specialized in manufacturing and supply the low price solar street light lithium-ion battery pack in China. Customization and wholesale are welcomed.
Solar street light battery product has no wiring, easy installation, maintenance - free, environmental protection, energy saving, safety and other advantages.
Solar street lamps system working principle is simple, is to use born v effect principle of solar panels, light panels during the day to receive solar radiation and convert it into electricity, after stored in the lithium iron phosphate battery charge and discharge controller, the night when the intensity of illumination is gradually reduced to set data, charge and discharge controller automatically detects the voltage value of the braking instruction, the battery to discharge lamp holder.After discharging the lithium battery, the charge and discharge controller issues braking instructions and the lithium battery discharging ends.
Solar Street Light Battery
Solar Street Light lithium-ion battery
Anywhere in the world where there is light is applicable, very popular with consumers around the world, especially suitable for wiring difficult, light enough remote areas, especially for the road has been built additional solar street lamp is very convenient, to live in the edge of the earth people bring light!Widely used for solar charger, solar complementary street lamp, solar street lamp, solar shed lamp, solar buried lamp, solar wall lamp and so on.
Products and Quality Control:
Woo-power has more than ten years of experiences in solar street light battery industry.
And certifications of ISO9000, ISO14000, MSDS, CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, etc.
Systematic solutions for solar and wind.
Customized design/production is available.
Providing clients complete series of battery cells, and meeting any kind of needs from our customers.ESS Lithium Ion Battery price

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