Part One: Descpription of the goods
Generally Rubber industry petroleum resin own the low softening point character.
Generally C5 petroleum resin,DCPD Resin and C5/C9 copolymerized resin can be widely used in Rubber and tire industry. If we mixed these resins with natural rubber,there is nearly no interact with each other during the vulcanization process.On the contrary,These resin have a good mutual solubility with the natural rubber colloidal particles,which play a role in viscosities,reinforcement and softing.Especially the C5/C9 copolymer resin application have a big effection.,The C5/C9 copolymer resin can not only enhance the adhesion force among the rubber grains,but also can increase the adhesion between the rubber grains and tire code,which more suitable fo the high-quality rubber products such as belt tyre,radial
Part Tow: Products Application Field
Generally our petroleum resin are widely used in rubber industry,Generally the lower softening point is used as the plasticizer in rubber industry, and the higher softening point is used to improve the hardness of synthetic rubber.Our company aim is to supply the different softening point products to our customers.
ItemC5 Hydrocarbon Resin
GradeHF 513R Serise
Softening Point90-95 ;95-100;100-105;
ItemC9 Petroleum Resin
GradeHF 913R Serise
Softening Point90-95 ;95-100;100-105;
ItemC5/C9 copolymerized Petroleum Resin
GradeHF 313M Serise
Softening Point90-95 ;95-100;100-105;
Part Three: Our products advantage
3.1: Products Color
For C5 Petroleum Resin, you can find from Color 0# to Color 5# Petroleum resin in our factory.
For C9 Petroleum Resin, you can find Color0# to Color 18# Resin in our factory.
C5/C9 copolymerized Petroleum Resin,you can find color 0 to color7 Resin in our factory.
3.2: Products Softening point
As per the application, the rubber petroleum resin have the different softening point, Generally we can supply from 90 degree to 140 degree softening point goods.
3.3: Product quality
There are strictly QC department in our factory, each batch goods will supply the test report, only the approved goods can be exported.
3.4: Product Price
Good quality is the key, however, owning the factory directly supply the goods, so the price is also lowest as per the same quality products.
Part Four: Package
25kg kraft paper bags;1MT jumbo bags.Petroleum Resins suppliers

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