Material:Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel etc
Standard:ASME/ANSI B18.31.1M, DIN975,/ANSIB18.31.2, DIN976
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Size:1/4鈥?3鈥? M6-M64/Customized Size
Finish:Plain, Zinc Plated, Black oxide, Nickel,Chrome, H.D.G
Port:Tianjin Port
Packing:Cartons+plastic Bags as customer's require
Product description:
Double-headed studs are also called studs. As the name suggests, they have two heads. One end needs to be screwed into the main body, and then the accessories are installed. After installation, the other end of the studs is screwed on the nut. The accessories need to be removed often It is often worn and damaged, but because it is a stud bolt, it is very convenient to replace.
The thickness of the object connected by the stud bolt and the stud stud is extremely large. The thread of the stud bolt is on the cylindrical or conical outer surface, and the cylindrical hole or the inner surface of the conical hole is a spiral groove with an equidistant and equal cross-sectional profile. . A threaded rod or tapered rod is machined on the outer surface, and the top of the stud bolt is provided with a groove for screwing by a screwdriver or a square head for clamping by a hand.Double End Stud

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