Our History
Chenxing (Jiangsu) Commodity is located in Yangzhou City锛孞iangsu Province, has three subsidiaries including Juxin packaging, Zhouwan Medical and Zhuqing Bamboo Toothbrush, passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, QS food packaging certification, FDA certification and EU CE certification.Chenxing has been committed to global forest environmental protection and is one of the members of global forest administrators (FSC). Mainly engaged in the production, sales, wholesale and retail of ordinary disposable masks, kn95 masks, wipes and other products; packaging and high-end gift boxes customization of cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, hotel supplies and related industries; bamboo toothbrushes of flat series, crank series, round bar series and customized shape series; import and export of medical supplies, sanitary products, goods and technologies.

Our Factory
Chenxing (Jiangsu) daily necessities Co., Ltd. has three holding subsidiaries: Juxin (Jiangsu) new material packaging Co., Ltd., zhouwan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhuqing (Jiangsu) bamboo wood technology Co., Ltd.
Juxin (Jiangsu) new material packaging Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, hotel supplies and other related industries packaging and high-end gift box customization. It has invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce domestic advanced Heidelberg cd74-5 + 1 printing machine, 3 lines of gravure printing machine, 1 line of 11 color machine and 2 sets of high-speed composite machine Domestic, domestic and domestic testing and testing services.
Zhouwan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of disposable face masks, kn95 masks, wipes and other anti epidemic materials. Equipped with advanced production line workshop, the daily output of masks and wipes reaches tens of thousands, which can fully meet the needs of customers; the company's products have passed the national gb2626-2006 standard, meet the international export qualification, have the international certification en14863 and NDC test report, EU CE certificate and US FDA certificate.
Zhuqing (Jiangsu) bamboo wood technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of a full series of flat plate series, crank series, round bar series and heterosexual series. The brand-new modern dust-free workshop is equipped with more than 10 bamboo toothbrush production lines, a complete set of bamboo toothbrush production inspection and disinfection process, and equipped with packaging workshop to meet customers' full customization needs.
Our Product
Disposable face mask;Disposable children's printed mask;Kn95 mask;Wet wipes;Bucket wipes;Special bag, multilateral seal, middle sealing bag, three side sealing, flat bag, roll film, heat shrinkable film, handbag, garbage bag, medical bag, food bag, mask bag, suction bag and so on.Card boxes, PVC, PET, handbags, gift boxes and so on, including all kinds of food cartons, medicine boxes, cosmetics boxes, daily necessities boxes, hotel supplies boxes, toothpaste boxes, facial mask boxes, stationery boxes, etc.Flat series, crank series, round bar series and special-shaped series of bamboo toothbrushes.
Product Application
The mask is used to prevent dust, haze and spatter.
Wipes are used for hand and foot cleaning and disinfection
The card box bag is used for packing various kinds of food, cosmetics, daily necessities and hotel supplies.
The bamboo toothbrush is used for tooth cleaning, which meets the requirements of the current plastic limit market.
Our Certificate
FDA certification锛汧SC certification锛汣E certification
Production Equipment
Heidelberg cd74-5 + 1 printing machine; 9-color printing machine;
11 color printing machine; High-speed solventless laminating machine;
Automatic laminating machine; High speed bag making machine;
Automatic wool planting equipment; Automatic die cutting machine;
Automatic box pasting machine
Our Service
Pre sales: Actively respond to customer inquiries, provide product samples to customers, patiently answer questions about the product itself for customers, invite customers to visit our company on site, listen to customers' opinions, and formulate exclusive project plan for customers according to the actual situation.
During sale: After the contract is signed, the contract and technical agreement shall be carefully reviewed. In the process of manufacturing, the sales staff should timely feedback and coordinate with customers on technical agreement modification. Actively communicate with customers about the production progress of products, invite customers to check each process in the manufacturing process, provide customers with inspection standards and inspection results of relevant products, so as to make customers feel more at ease.
After sales: Take the initiative to ask customers about the use of products, provide follow-up difficult questions for customers, and provide professional consulting services at any time. China Adult Doll Head Flat Bamboo Toothbrush factory

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