Mega cartridges for professional tattoos only. We guarantee 100% control by experienced experts for best quality and tested by professional artists. Every cartridges made from some of the best tattoo needles in the market and come in a variety of grouping configurations as well as having a rubber membrane that effectively minimizes the cross contamination when tattooing.
Mega cartridges were specializing manufacturer of tattoo needle cartridges. We have 10000 square meters and more than 51 employees in yiwu China, near to the ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. Mega cartridges have own factory and dust-free workshop, 100% safe and quality is guaranteed.Mega Tattoo machines, Mega tattoo cartridges, tattoo cartridges, tattoo tubes, disposable tattoo tips, tattoo power supply, tattoo needles, tattoo needle cartridge, tattoo accessories etc.
Product Application
Mega cartridges were supply the goods all over the world, 98% of our products are distributed in North and South America, Europe, Asian, Africa and Australia. All products are in compliance with international quality standards.Tight Liner Tattoo Needle factory

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